the suitable expression to complete the dialogue is

the suitable expression to complete the dialogue is

A. Prefer
B. Want
C. Make
D. Take
E. See

Complete the discussion listed below (for questions number 4 and 5)
Rendy: I need to earn a visit to see the doctor.
Staff: What appears to be the problem?
Rendy: I have a breakout that I need a physician to appearance at.
Staff: Do you have a high temperature keeping that breakout?
Rendy: No, it simply itches a great deal.
Staff: I have openings on Tuesday or Wednesday. Which would certainly be best for you?
Rendy: I need a visit on Tuesday.
Staff: Fine, I am placing you down for 9:00 on that particular day. Would certainly you prefer to see Dr. Smith or Dr. Jones?
Rendy: I would certainly prefer to see Dr. Jones.
Staff: I can schedule you with him with not a problem. We appearance ahead to seeing you.
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